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Step 2:?Post your initial discussion to the Discussion Board.

Review the Unit 9 Assignment. Write a 1-page draft of the Executive Summary you will submit for your Unit 9 Assignment. Include a brief statement that indicates who your audience is for your executive summary, why you have chosen this audience, and what you hope to accomplish in writing this document, along with an indication of any questions you have about the clarity and effectiveness of the draft

attach is my essay please write a draft using my essay i worked for a pharmaceutical company our product is protein for weight loss surgery patients

since we have meeting with Registered dietitians i thought it would be nice to pretend i was one.

The Journey To A Healthier You






Welcome, my name is Stephen Walker and I will be your dietitian for today?s seminar.


We will be covering the basics of what a dietitian can do and offer you in your journey into


losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.


In order to be successful in losing weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, one needs


to make several life affecting decisions. Two of the changes to be made are eating healthy and


developing a stable exercise routine. These are just two factors that will help you succeed in


losing weight and keeping it off.


One of the bigger benefits is that one can live longer. Another benefit is that your


emotional state of mind is directly affected. If you feel healthy, it affects everyone around you.


Other benefits of weight loss can be for physical reasons as well. Weight loss allows you to be


able to move around easier, with less strain on your knees, ankles and back. An additional benefit


of losing weight is that some underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure,


diabetes and aching joints could be lessened, if not completely eliminated in some cases.


Another option for weight loss is with bariatric surgery, which in today?s society is more


common than one may think. Bariatric surgery, if deemed necessary or an option provided to you


by your primary doctor can drastically help you achieve your weight loss goals.[ CITATION


May1 \l 1033 ]


Eating smart is a big issue when it comes to losing weight. We are installed with the


mental notion that ?I am paying for this food, I am going to eat it all? when we go out to dinner.


Adding into this notion is the desire to eat until we are completely full. Together these make up


road blocks we all face when it comes to eating healthy and smart. By making minor changes to


the way you eat when you go out, such as asking for a takeout box, and placing half your food in


it as soon as it comes, you make a conscious effort and a change in the way you eat. The old



The Journey To A Healthier You






adage ?out of sight out of mind? makes a big change here. Also, proper portion control and


eating slowly are conscious way to change the way you eat. By eating slowly, your body has


time to recognize that the food is there, which helps the brain communicate and say ?Hey I am


full, don?t eat any more?.


Exercising is another important change one must make in order to be successful in the


weight loss journey. Developing a steady schedule and slowly increasing the amount and type of


exercises you do, along with eating healthy and smart, are all are determining factors on how


successful one can be in achieving their goals. One thing to remember when exercising is that the


body can usually get used to a routine after a while. It is best to rotate different exercises on


different days of the week to keep the body guessing, prevent it from conserving energy and help


expend calories. [CITATION htt5 \l 1033 ]


Once you achieve your desired weight, keeping it off and maintaining the habits you have


developed along your journey are just as important as when you were getting there. Hiring a


fitness trainer at a local gym or having a friend join you on your workouts to offer motivation


will help you continue on your journey to living a healthy lifestyle. The long term effects of


keeping the weight off will benefit you in several ways.


In the end, dietitians, nutritionists, personal trainers, and fitness experts, can all assist you


in reaching your weight loss goals and help you keep it off. They accomplish this by educating,


encouraging, reinforcing, mentoring and offering advice so you can make the right choices when


eating and exercising. With this knowledge and basic ambition, one can achieve a healthier


lifestyle just my making smarter choices in what and how they eat. What is also accomplished is


that one develops a better understanding of how sometimes emotions can play a big part on how



The Journey To A Healthier You






one eats, such as stress eating or eating out of boredom. Making better choices such as


eliminating snacking or changing snacking type foods will also help.


Having a dietitian or nutritionist and meeting with them every few months will only


benefit you so you don?t stray off your journey. They can encourage and continue to educate you


in making the best choices in foods and exercise. They can also monitor your achievements in


your goal to living a healthier, better and longer life. The journey can be difficult, but sometimes


the adage ?slow and steady wins the race? is true. In this instance it holds true in the long term


effects of continuous weight loss and keeping it off. [ CITATION Nac \l 1033 ]




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