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Answered: - please provide the answer for part B question on "ethical

please provide the answer for part B question on ?"ethical dilemma" in ?the subject operations Management.Post quick questions and get answers from multiple tutors.

Exercise 6: Short-Term Scheduling.



(7 marks)



Part A: Scheduling at Hard Rock Caf?


Whether it?s scheduling nurses at Mayo Clinic, pilots at Southwest Airlines, classrooms at


UCLA, or servers at Hard Rock Caf?, it?s clear that good scheduling is important. Proper


schedules use an organization?s assets (1) more effectively, by serving customers promptly, and


(2) more efficiently, by lowering costs.


Hard Rock Caf? at Universal Studios, Orlando, is the world?s largest restaurant, with 1 100 seats


on two main levels. With typical turnover of employees in the restaurant industry at 80% to


100% per year, Hard Rock?s General Manager Ken Hoffman takes scheduling very seriously.


Hoffman wants his 160 servers to be effective, but he also wants to treat them fairly. He has done


so with scheduling software and flexibility that has increased productivity while contributing to


turnover that is half the industry average. His goal is to find the fine balance that gives


employees financially productive daily work shifts while setting the schedule tight enough so as


to not overstaff between lunch and dinner.


The weekly schedule begins with a sales forecast. ?First we examine last year?s sales at the caf?


for the same day of the week? says Hoffman. ?Then we adjust our forecast for this year based on


a variety of closely watched factors. For example, we call the Orlando Convention Bureau every


week to see what major groups will be in town. Then we send two researchers out to check on


the occupancy of nearby hotels. We watch closely to see what concerts are scheduled at Hard


Rock Live ? the 3 000 seat concert stage next door. From the forecast, we calculate how many


people we need to have on duty each day for the kitchen, the bar, as hosts, and for table service.?


Once Hard Rock determines the number of staff needed, servers submit request forms, which are


fed into the software?s Linear Programming Mathematical model. Individuals are given priority


rankings from 1 to 9, based on their seniority and how important they are to fill each day?s


schedule. Schedules are then posted by day and by workstation. Trades are handled between


employees who understand the value of each specific shift and workstation.


Hard Rock employees like the system, as does the General Manager, since sales per labor-hour


are rising and turnover is dropping.


1. Name and justify several factors that Hoffman could use in forecasting weekly sales.


(1 mark)


2. What can be done to lower turnover in large restaurants?


(1 mark)


3. Why is seniority important in scheduling servers?


(1 mark)


4. How does the schedule impact on productivity?


(1 mark)



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Part B: Ethical Dilemma


Scheduling people to work second and third shifts (evening and ?graveyard?) is a problem in


almost every 24-hour company. The OM in Action box ?Scheduling Workers Who Fall Asleep Is


a Killer ? Literally?, on page 587, describes potentially dangerous issues on the night shift at


FedEx and a nuclear power plant. Perhaps even more significantly, ergonomic data indicate that


the body does not respond well to significant shifts in its natural circadian rhythm of sleep. There


are also significant long-run health issues with frequent changes in work and sleep cycles.


Consider yourself the manager of a nonunion steel mill that must operate 24-hour days, and


where the physical demands are such that 8-hour days are preferable to 10- or 12-hour days. Your


empowered employees have decided that they want to work weekly rotating shifts. That is, they


want a repeating work cycle of 1 week, 7 A.M to 3 P.M followed by a second week from 3 P.M


to 11 P.M, and a third week from 11 P.M to 7 A.M. You are sure that this is not a good idea in


terms of both productivity and the long-term health of the employees. If you do not accept their


decision, you undermine the work empowerment program, generate a morale issue, and perhaps,


more significantly, generate few more votes for a union. What is the ethical position and what do


you do?


(3 marks)



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