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Answered: - Need help with question 5 and 6 listed in document below

Need help with question 5 and 6 listed?in document below

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21 Mar 2016



NAICS: 336111


Ticker (Stock Exchange): F (NYSE)






Identify the firm's apparent current mission. Then briefly review the firm's current


objectives and strategies.



Ford Motor Company mission is ?At Ford, we go further to make our cars better, our employees


happier and our planet a better place to be.? (Ford Motor Company, 2015).


Ford?s current objective and strategies are developed to create Smart Mobility to meet customers


mobility needs. They manufacture and invent excellence safety and driver assist technologies for


all their vehicles. Ford company build vehicles to avoid serious effects of climate change and


environment change.




How would you describe the firm's current financial condition? (Use financial ratios and


other pertinent income and balance sheet data to support your analysis).


The firm?s current financial condition increased from $144,077,000 in 2014 to $149,558,000,000


in 2015.


Ford Motor Company, Key Ratios



P/E 19.93




Return on Equity (%) 12.85


Debt/Equity 4.80


Operating profit margin (%) 2.30


Dividend Yield 0.03


Price (USD) as on 02-Apr-2015 16.03.00


EPS (USD) 0.80


Book value per share (USD) 6.19


Shares Outstanding (in million) 4,045






Outline and discuss the firm's external opportunities and threats, using any analytical


model(s) you believe are relevant.



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21 Mar 2016



Opportunities Fuel Efficient Vehicles were developed to promote advanced technologies to


support the use for many smaller and fuel-efficient vehicles. This would allow them to have


higher market share and increase their revenue.


Opportunities-New Product Launches make it possible for Ford to conduct opportunities with


different markets by providing an extraordinary product portfolio that increases their




Opportunity- Strategic Agreements is consider being a source of organic growth that presents


diverse useful synergies to Ford Company.


Threat- Competitive Pressures is needed to protect the company from negative outcome on their


financial condition and results of operations due to the fast-growing newly-developed and arising


markets. These markets are mostly in Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and other mature




Threat-Emissions Control Standards are requirements regulated by the US federal governments


that each vehicle have to be in accordance after being made. After these vehicles are made, they


have be certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before it can be


sold, even though proposals for more standards are being obtained.


Threat-Foreign Currency Fluctuations affects Ford operations in many parts of the world.


Majority of its revenues are accrued from other currencies.





Outline and discuss the firm's internal strengths and weaknesses using any analytical


model(s) you believe are relevant.



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21 Mar 2016



Strength- Core Segment: Automotive shows that Ford company is a worldwide automotive


industry that manufactures and distributes all economic of ranges of products that include luxury,


economy, and mid-segment. This helped the company sell 6,323,000 vehicles across the six




Strengh- Operational Network is a strong supported operational network in the Ford company.


These networks include manufacturing and assembling facilities, distribution centers, sales,


warehouses, administrative offices, and engineering centers.


Strength ? Focused Research Development allow Ford to create new products and services to


customers in all markets with the best in class vehicles. This help the company develop


affordable, reasonable solutions to meet the future transportation needs.


Weakness ? Product Safety Concerns are product recalls issues that can affect the consumers.


These recalls could reduce customer confidence causing long-term performance and revenues.


Weakness ? Increasing Non-cash Components that are receivables and inventories can cause a


reduced liquidity in the company. This may cause bad debt on the company transactions.






Based on your analyses:


a. Revise the firm's mission and objectives if necessary.


At Ford, we go further to make our cars better, our employees happier and our planet a


better place to be. I would change our employees to our customers



b. Develop and discuss corporate and business strategies that you recommend to achieve the


firm's mission and objectives.





Outline and discuss the specific actions needed for implementation of your chosen


strategies. This should include the following:


a. Specific strategies and long-term objectives in such areas as marketing, human resources,


finance, operations and information systems as appropriate. Porter?s Five Forces



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b. Specify the financial results expected.






Ford Motor Company. (2015). Our Company. Retrieved from http.



21 Mar 2016




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