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Answered: - i was stuck with my project in designing questionnaire to conduct

i was stuck with my project in designing ?questionnaire to conduct survey. please help me out with questionnaire (12-15 questions).Our project aim is to enhance awarness about the SQUARE in students of our college.

Focus Group Findings Report ? The Square





The purpose of conducting a Focus Group for The Square was to discover what current


students of our College know about The Square, the services which are offered, and how


they think The Square can create brand awareness among other students in the school.


When conducting the focus group, demographic sheets were passed around for participants


to fill out.



From those demographic sheets, it was gathered that there was nine participants within the


age range of 19 to 29. Of those nine participants, three were female and six were male.


Seven of the participants were in their first year of college. The Square requested that the


participants were from a diverse range of programs, resulting in gathered participants from


the following programs:



BACX ? Business Administration ? Accounting (Fast Track)


BMHR ? Business Management ? Human Resources



BMAN ? Business Management


ECEP ? Early Childhood Education


HMAN ? Hospitality Management (2 participants)


ITPP ? Information Technology Professional



PETC ? Power Engineering Technology


PSWK ? Personal Support Worker



Participant Introduction and General Discussion about the Square


When displaying The Square logo, it was discovered that only two participants had seen the


logo before. Out of the two participants, one had noticed that logo in the hall (but could not



recall where) and the second was a business student (whom knew The Square was located


in F hall). When asking other participants whom had not seen the logo to describe what





Focus Group Strategy Report





thought The Square was, the answer received was ?a group at the college?. When asking the


two who had seen the logo what The Square is, the answer given was that The Square was


an entrepreneurship assisting program.



While the logo caught their attention, most participants said they needed more information


for The Square and would like to know what The Square had to offer them. When asked


more about this, the participants though The Square should consider adding a short


descriptive sentence to the posters around the school.



The same business student who knew where The Square was located brought to attention


that there is a sign on the office door which informs students about drop-in sessions during


college hour. However, when this student walks by the office, the door is always closed,


making the sign seem old and the office seem intimidating.



When asked what kind of services the participants thought The Square could offer them,


participants answered that The Square was related to business so they assumed they would


offer resources related to business; such as financial help, and legal advice. Overall, not


many participants were aware of the services which The Square offered and all participants


were uncertain about the cost associated with those services, yet the majority assumed The


Square offered free services.



Advertising Techniques and Reach



What Media Vehicles are Effective?



None of the participants look into extracurricular activities within the college; however, the


focus group participants who were involved in this discussion were aware of posters


around the college advertising The Square, but only a few of them managed to read the


content on those posters. When asked about where they were most likely to notice posters


around the school, the following areas were mentioned:



Main Cafeteria



Focus Group Strategy Report







The International office, and


When heading down the library ramp.



Social media is another way that was preferred by the participants; as everyone


participating in the focus group had a Facebook account. However, when it came to our


college Facebook page, only six participants had like the page. Two of those six also


followed our College on Instagram. The most used Facebook page for the Group was the


Textbook Buy and Sell page for Our College students.



When it comes to the college email, three participants said they checked the Our email, but


only two of those three had used it during this semester, and one of the three had only


checked it after a teacher suggested it. Many participants chose to use the Desire to Learn


mail system instead since they felt it was more current.



Four participants were aware of the TV screens around the college and would occasionally


notice the content displayed. These four participants said it seemed as if the TV?s played the


same content on a loop, making them go unnoticed unless there was something new that


caught their attention.



All participants in the group agreed that it seemed as if the school advertised too much so


posters and the content on the TV?s would tend to go unnoticed.



What Media Vehicles Should The Square Try?



Three participants stated that they attended school events they had caught their eye


around the campus. Two participants stated that they have heard of Stress Week. Both


participants that had heard of Stress Week stated that the banner above the back door of


the school stood out to them and made Stress Week memorable. One participant stated that


the smashing a car event was memorable as well. Unfortunately none of the participants


live in residence so we could not further explore this media vehicle.



Six of the participants had attend the college orientation class. Two participants did not


attend the class because of late enrollment. Several participants believed this was a



excellent advertising opportunity for the Square because Enactus was advertised at the


orientation class.



All participants stated they want to know how that Square is going to benefit them. Free


food is advertised on the posters but participants stated that they would prefer to see the


long term advantages to the Square?s services. One participant stated that the Square could


get their attention by having more of a presence on the Our College website, MyOur, and


Desire To Learn.



Focus Group Strategy Report





Participants stated that display tables with representatives and freebies set up outside of


the cafe grabs their attention. Freebies such as pens paper and information pamphlets are


preferred by participants. Participants added that free food can grab their attention but not





Participants claimed that if advertisements included the fact that all you need is a business


idea, and the Square could help you from there, it would get their attention. The was also


stated that smaller group sizes for the Square activities are prefer and participants would


like to read about that in advertisements.



What is the Best Way for you to Receive Information?



Seven participants stated that they would prefer if the first time they heard of the Square or


any new event or service there was a face to face interaction.



One participant who is currently receiving reminder emails from the Square about


upcoming events stated that he liked them and he thought the emails served their purpose


well. Another participant stated that they like to have an option of way to receive


information. Options such as Facebook, Our Email, personal email or text.



When the moderator passed around the yellow cards that the Square is currently using to


advertise all the participants stated that they really liked them but none of the participants


had seen them before. Participants stated that it may be a good idea to have a stack of cards


under the posters around the school so that they can walk away from the advertisement


with something tangible and memorable. The cards are used to advertise events and gather


emails to send reminders. The participants claimed that posters around the school where


not enough so our group concluded that perhaps if the Square setup two or three boxes


under posters in high traffic areas around the school it would grab students attention. The


box would be accompanied by a stack of yellow cards and perhaps a representative from


the Square. Students would be directed to fill out a yellow card and drop it into the box. The


Square could make this more interesting by turning the yellow cards into ballots and


creating a contest where a winner would be drawn from the box.



A few participants stated that they would tell their friends about their experience with the


Square if they had the opportunity to discuss their own ideas and have their own specific



questions answered. Another participant stated that a personalized experience would make


the Square good enough to share with friends.



A participant stated the number one thing that would keep them coming back to the Square


would be a face to face interaction with a Square representative. If the participant could ask


questions and have them answered then they would see the benefit in this service and want





Participants stated that offering free food is not always the best incentive to keep student


coming back to the Square. The participant continued to say that free food is offered often





Focus Group Strategy Report





many other events so that promotion style does not set the Square services apart from


other events going on at the college.





Several participants stated that they prefer to hear about new services in person.


Participants prefer to hear the message from a friend who they can discuss the new service


with. Another way participants stated they could receive the message in person is through a


face to face conversation with a representative that is available at a table set up outside of


the cafe.



Half of the participants stated they would be interested in using the Square?s services after


learning more about it. Two of the participants stated they had business ideas they hope to





One participant stated that they would like to volunteer for the Square in order to learn


more about the opportunity. A participant from the Early Childhood Education program


added that some programs at Our College require volunteer hours to graduate. Our group


concluded that if the Square created a way for students from these programs to gain


volunteer hours working within the Square, the student would become knowledgeable of


the Square services and be able to recommend it to a friend with a business idea. This


would be a great technique for the Square to utilize since it would reach students enrolled


in programs other than business and reach students as early as in their first year.



A participant stated that market research is the first thing that comes to mind when they


think of entrepreneurial services. Business students are required to take a course about


market research in order to earn their diploma. One business student who participated in


this survey had already done this course and still felt that market research was tricky, time


consuming, and difficult to put together. This participant suggested The Square could


improve by providing some references and resources to help potential entrepreneurs


gather information and decide if their idea was worth pursuing at this time or a later date.



Focus Group Strategy Report








Focus Group Strategy Report





Focus Group Participant Demographic Data:



9 Participants all were within the age range 19?29











BACX ? Business Administration Accounting (Fast Track)








BMHR - Business Management - Human Resources








BMAN - Business Management








ECEP - Early Childhood Education








HMAN - Hospitality Management








HMAN - Hospitality Management








ITPP - Information Technology Professional








PETC - Power Engineering Technology









PSWK ? Personal Support Worker









Focus Group Strategy Report






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