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Media Review AGNG 200


UMBC Erickson School of Aging Studies


Online: ?Aging People, Policy, and Management? (Watson)


Directions: Choose an aging-related media clip?whether a radio broadcast, a television segment, news


column on the web, an artistic performance, etc.?and review it. If you prefer, feel free to use one of the


following video clips on YouTube (








A Closer look at Leroy and Marian Jenkins - Erickson Living


A Closer look at Bill Sperry - Erickson Living


A Closer look at Al and Evelyn Jacobs - Erickson Living


A Closer look at Alva Holcombe - Erickson Living


65-Year-Old Hockey Player Diane Pieknik



At the outset, please provide the full citation of the media piece and the text by Moody and Sasser. Then,


provide a correlation to Moody and Sasser with a page-number citation. In addition, please list and


explain a combination of at least five main ideas, strengths, or weaknesses from the media clip?


integrating the correlation to Moody and Sasser. Each person should email their own Media Review by


the midnight deadline, sending it to the professor as an individual at: Please do not


attach assignments as a REPLY to CLASS ANNOUNCEMENTS. An example appears below. The total


assignment should include at least 250 words.


Media Review




Weaver, C. Health care jobs grew as other sectors withered. Retrieved January 8, 2010 at


Moody, H. R. & Sasser, J. R. (2015). Aging: Concepts and controversies. Thousand Oaks, CA:


SAGE Publications.




In 2015 Moody and Sasser reported: ?Ninety percent of older adults surveyed for the 2012 Pew Research


Center?s Religion and Public Life Project indicated that they are ?religiously affiliated?? (p. 32).


Main Ideas


1. Based on a report for December 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics describes the unemployment


rate as ?unchanged? at 10%. Although the overall rate is steady, employment has fallen in at least


three sectors (i.e., construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, etc.), but has grown in two others


fields (i.e., healthcare, temporary help services, etc.).


2. According to Christopher Weaver: ?? Resilient health businesses have added jobs throughout the


recession even as virtually every other sector of the economy shed them by the thousands. Since the


economy tanked in December 2007, the health sector added 631,000 jobs, including 22,000 last


month, according to the monthly report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Manufacturing companies,


by contrast, dropped 2.1 million workers during those two years.?


3. The aging of the American population has helped create the boost in the healthcare job sector.


According to Harry Holzer?a Georgetown University professor: ?When consumers have to choose


between buying a new car and getting needed medical treatments, they go to the doctor?s office.?



4. Because of the recession, there has been a lot of debate about whether to make cuts to Medicare?to


the alarm of many senior adults. Drawing upon thoughts from Heidi Shierholz, a labor economist at


the Economic Policy Institute, the article states: ?One interesting thing to draw from the jobs report:


While individual Americans are reluctant to make cuts in their health spending, no matter how rough a


recession gets, health care is often the first place Congress looks for savings. For instance, 1997's


Balanced Budget Act sought to take a bite out of the federal deficit by setting targets for Medicare


spending on doctors' visits. In the end, however, Congress overrode many of those budget cuts,


which have been fiercely opposed both by the doctor?s lobby and AARP, a lobby that includes many


Medicare beneficiaries.?




For unemployed people, this report could help identify a growth field for their job pursuit (e.g., healthcare,


etc.). It could guide people away from less promising fields, such as construction, manufacturing, and


wholesale trade?pointing them instead toward healthcare.




Because this report is very general, it does not clarify which jobs are being created in the healthcare field,


or what they typically pay, or what the pre-requisites are for such jobs. In 2015 Moody and Sasser


reported: ?Ninety percent of older adults surveyed for the 2012 Pew Research Center?s Religion and


Public Life Project indicated that they are ?religiously affiliated?? (p. 32). If religion is as important to seniors


as the Pew study suggests and if healthcare is adding jobs as Weaver reports (2010), are any of the jobs


religious in nature? Within Erickson Living, there are multiple job titles that employ over 40 full-time


equivalents: Pastoral Ministries Managers, Pastoral Ministries Coordinators, Continuing Care Chaplains,


Hospice Chaplains, and Pastoral Associates.




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