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Hi, I need help with this 20 multiple choice question HW assignment on Visual Studio C # (Computer Programming).?

Computer programming HW Set 3


5.0 Points


Question 1 of 20


The __________ keyword allows the programmer to declare a set of constant values represented by identifiers.



A. ref



B. out



C. enum



D. return


Question 2 of 20


A method can accept several parameters. Each value passed to the method is separated by a:



5.0 Points



A. comma (,).



B. plus (+).



C. colon (:).


D. spacer ( ).


Question 3 of 20


How are various parameters separated in the method header?



A. Brackets



B. Braces



C. Commas


D. Periods



5.0 Points



5.0 Points


Question 4 of 20


A constant value is declared using the __________ keyword.



A. ref



B. out



C. enum


D. const



5.0 Points


Question 5 of 20


A method declaration with the __________ keyword indicates that the method can be called by other methods


in other classes.



A. overloaded



B. user-defined



C. static


D. public



5.0 Points


Question 6 of 20


To call a static method, use the __________ name followed by a period, and the method with its arguments.



A. class?s



B. instance variable?s



C. namespace?s


D. All of the above


5.0 Points


Question 7 of 20


The programmer can refer to class types using unqualified class names (such as Console) rather than a fully


qualified name (System.Console) by importing the System Namespace with the __________ keyword.



A. using



B. return



C. enum



D. scope



Question 8 of 20


Random-number generator scaling is the process of:



5.0 Points



A. causing each number in a range to have equal likelihood of being generated.



B. modifying the range from which a number will be generated.



C. calculating a sequence of numbers to be generated.


D. None of the above


Question 9 of 20


A method is invoked by a:



A. return statement.



B. method header.



5.0 Points



C. method call.


D. None of the above



Question 10 of 20


Combining strings together is called:



5.0 Points



A. concatenation.



B. recursion.



C. overloading.


D. enumeration.



5.0 Points


Question 11 of 20


When overloading methods, the __________ of the method is ignored by the compiler, which will


result in an error if the method names and parameter list are the same.



A. name



B. return type



C. parameter order


D. parameter data types



5.0 Points


Question 12 of 20


A(n) __________ method is a method that does not depend on the contents of an object, and


therefore can be called independently, such as methods within the Math class.



A. overloaded



B. user-defined



C. static



D. public


5.0 Points


Question 13 of 20


Method calls in a program are added to the data structure called the __________, handling calls in


a last in, first out manner.



A. stack



B. LIFO manager



C. heap


D. overloader



Question 14 of 20


In object-oriented programming, methods __________ have the same name, but with a different set of


parameters. This is called method __________.








A. can; overloading



B. cannot; overloading



C. can; enumeration


D. cannot; enumeration



5.0 Points


Question 15 of 20


In C#, you can pass only the optional arguments you wish to specify for a method call. This is referred to as


__________ parameters.



A. overloading



B. data typing



C. keywording


D. named



Question 16 of 20


__________ methods can be called without the need for an object of the class to exist.



5.0 Points



A. Special



B. Independent



C. Static


D. Dependent



Question 17 of 20


Which of the following correctly calls the Math class method Sqrt with a value of 36?



5.0 Points



A. Sqrt(36);



B. Math.Sqrt(36);



C. Math.Sqrt = 36;


D. None of the above



Question 18 of 20


Which of the following describes a static variable?



5.0 Points



A. A variable with one copy shared by all class objects



B. A variable whose value may not be changed



C. All of the above


D. None of the above



Question 19 of 20


A static method can:



5.0 Points



A. call only other static methods of the same class directly.



B. manipulate only static fields in the same class directly.



C. be called using the class name and a dot (.).



D. All of the above



Question 20 of 20


String-typed values can be combined by using the __________ operator.



A. ,



B. +



C. :


D. _



5.0 Points




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