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Answered: - hi tutor 800 words finish in 5 hours can you do that ? ONLY work

hi tutor 800 words finish in 5 hours can you do that ??

ONLY work on the task 2 &4, i already done part of the work, just need to add more detail to complete those 2 tasks.

ADD 5 more references for each of task as well

let me know your price if you can?

?2015 Linguis International Institute



National Diploma in Business 5


Unit 8498 (v5)


Develop strategies to manage conflict


in an organisation


Level 5 Credits 5


Student Assessment Guide



This student assessment guide belongs to the property of Linguis International Institute


and is not to be externally circulated.


Actions will be taken if this assessment is found being used without approval from Linguis.



Assessment designed by: Hseoun Lautner


Supervised by: Haroon Mahmood






?2015 Linguis International Institute





Student name



Student NSN number



Assessor name



Pre-Assessment Statements


Student to complete



Student initial



I will record all my evidence in this student assessment guide.


Special notes have been explained to me and I understand what is required to


gain competency.


I understand how the appeals process works.



Assessor to complete



Assessor Initial



Health and safety considerations have been met.



Any special needs of the students have been accommodated.


Give details:



The requirements of any special notes in this module have been met.



Student signature



Date discussed



Assessor signature



Assessment designed by: Hseoun Lautner


Supervised by: Haroon Mahmood






?2015 Linguis International Institute



Purpose of this unit


This unit standard is for people who have responsibility for financial analysis to monitor business


health and aid business decision-making.


People credited with this unit standard are able to evaluate financial statements against organisational


reporting and analysis requirements, and apply financial analysis tools to interpret and report on


financial statements to assist business decision-making.


Instructions to the student


You are required to complete all tasks in this assessment according to the assignment guide given


by your tutor. Your assignment must be word processed and in the required format given in class






Plagiarism (copying from another person?s work) is not acceptable and Linguis International


Institute of Language and Culture Limited takes instances of plagiarism seriously.


Plagiarism can also mean not acknowledging the full extent of indebtedness to a source. Work can


be plagiarised from many sources - including books, articles, the internet, and other students'


assignments. Plagiarism can easily occur unconsciously or inadvertently.


Any student assignment must give references using APA format. The work must be your own work


and plaigarism is not permitted. If it is found that you have plaigarised your assignment, your


assignment will not be marked and you will be required to re-submit your assignment.


Resit policy allows you to gain achievement (A) after 3 attempts. If after the third attempt you


have not achieved (NA), a fee of $75/credit will be required and you will be required to re-sit the


unit standard.


For assessment activities to be valid, the assessment conditions (including resources needed /


available) must be appropriate for the outcome/element being assessed.


The assessment tasks or questions must allow for you to demonstrate the required level of


knowledge, skills and/or understanding for the outcome/element assessed.


It is recognised that assessments in some subject areas may require responses that are ?exact? as


per the model answers.


However, where singular responses (as per the model answers) are not required (e.g. where the


outcome / element requires you to describe concepts), and where assessment activities /


questions set may lead you to provide responses that are very similar to those in the resources


used, it needs to be clear in the instructions to you and in the assessment schedule that answers


must be in your own words to show sufficient depth of understanding.


?Open book? conditions


It may be appropriate in assessments for you to have access to reference material such as texts,


manuals, learning resources or your workbooks.


In these cases the reference material should not contain the exact answers to the assessment


questions, but include information that can assist you (so long as you have an appropriate level of


knowledge) to formulate your responses.


Unless the skills being assessed are your own ability to locate and / or transcribe specific


information, it is expected that you would not be allowed to copy the answers directly from your


workbooks, course notes or reference texts, or from a power point presentation or overhead





Assessment designed by: Hseoun Lautner


Supervised by: Haroon Mahmood






?2015 Linguis International Institute



Special notes






Unit standards in the People Development and Coordination domain are about


engaging with and leading people to achieve outcomes as individuals and teams.






Assessment for this unit standard will be in a specific context, either one real to the


candidate or a realistically simulated one.






The assessment context for this unit standard must be suitable to meet the criteria


for Level 5 in the NZQF Levels Descriptors, which are available by searching for


?levels descriptors? at






Organisation refers to a specific entity which may be ? in private, public, or


community and volunteer sectors; a business, a discretely managed unit within a


larger entity, a M?ori organisation, or a special-purpose body.


Organisational requirements may include but are not limited to:


- organisation purpose and/or direction


- organisation policies and processes


- compliance: legislative/legal, health and safety


- risk management


- sustainability.


Legislative/legal refers to requirements that derive authority from legislation


and/or the law.


A strategy is any action or activity designed to establish and maintain positive


workplace relationships.


Conflict management refers to the process of limiting the negative aspects of


conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict. The aim of conflict


management is to enhance learning and group outcomes, including effectiveness or


performance in organizational setting (Rahim, 2002, p. 208)1






Rahim, M. A. (2002). "Toward a theory of managing organizational conflict". The International Journal of Conflict


Management 13: 206?235


Assessment designed by: Hseoun Lautner


Supervised by: Haroon Mahmood






?2015 Linguis International Institute





Develop strategies to manage conflict in an organisation



Instructions to the candidate


This assessment uses case study method to stimulate workplace conditions for the


candidates. You can either choose a conflict issue from a case study found in the local


newspaper / business magazine that needs to be resolved or a conflict example from


your actual workplace.


You must attend to the followings:


1. This assessment requires you to:


a. Develop strategies to manage conflict in an organisation


(Outcome 1: Unit 8498v5).


2. You must attempt all the tasks.



Assessment Task




You are required to:


(a) Identify a conflict issue from the organisation in the workplace / organisation


(b) Briefly discuss the key conflict issue and why do you think this issue needs to be


resolved in high urgency by relating to the organisational requirement.



TASK 2 (E.R. 1.1)


You are required to explain:


(a) What strategies you have suggested or developed to improve individuals and/or


group outcomes?


(b) How do your strategies limiting the negative aspect of the conflict between


individuals and/or groups?


TASK 3 (E.R. 1.2)


You are required to explain:


(a) Identify the relevant people / stakeholders involved as a result of the said




(b) How do you communicate with the relevant people / stakeholders to improve


individuals and/or group outcome according to your organisational requirement


through your strategies to manage conflict?



Assessment designed by: Hseoun Lautner


Supervised by: Haroon Mahmood






?2015 Linguis International Institute



TASK 4 (E.R. 1.3)


You are required to explain:


(a) The prevention, advice and monitoring process for the ongoing conflict between


individual and/or groups to increase the positive aspect and limiting the negative


aspect of the conflict according to the organisational requirements.



Assessment designed by: Hseoun Lautner


Supervised by: Haroon Mahmood







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