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Answered: - Botanical Gardens is a firm that services gardens. They work once

Botanical Gardens is a firm that services gardens. They work once a week for three hours in

the garden of each of their clients. A maximum of 7 gardeners may work together at any

given time determined by the size of the garden. The following information is available for

each of the gardens currently serviced by them:

Address ( a string , e.g. 100 Mandela Street, Polokwane)

Day of the week on which a specific garden is serviced (a string, for e.g. Tuesday)
Names and number of gardeners working together in the specific garden ( string / integer)
An indication whether there is a swimming pool in the garden (a character, namely Y it there
is a pool or N otherwise)
You have to write a program to provide the management with certain information. Follow
the following phases
Phase1: Declare a class
Write down the declaration of a class for storing the information about a single garden. Give
the name to the class
Phase2: An array of classes
Write down the declaration of a constant NR_OF GARDENS and set it equal to 12. Then
write down the declaration of an array of 12 classes that will contain the information about
12 gardens
Phase3: A function to input the information
Write a function that inputs the information about 12 gardens. The function header should
Use a loop to validate the input about the presence of a swimming pool, thus a prompting
message should appear, repeatedly asking that either Y or N be entered until it is done.
Phase4: A function to display specific information
Write a function to display the following three groups of information:
i. Names of gardeners and the addresses of all gardens serviced on Wednesdays
ii. For all gardens in Long Street that have pools, the days on which they are serviced
and the number of gardeners working there,
iii. The addresses and names of all gardens requiring more than 5 gardeners at a time
iv. Names, number of hours and the wages for each gardener given that the rate per
hour is R5.75
v. Phase5: A complete program

Write a main function that calls the other functions. Use the declarations and function
above to from a complete program. No global variables may be used. Run your program on
the data below:
NB: Provide own hypothetical names for the maximum of 7 gardeners working together in
a garden
33 Mandela Street Monday 3 Y
Lithuli Hourse, Gauteng Friday 6 Y
123 Long Street Tuesday 3 Y
5 Thabo Mbeki Avenue Tuesday 4 N
555 Long Street Thursday 2 N
99 Long Street Wednesday 6 Y
2 Main Street Tuesday 1 N
Beach Front Park Monday 7 N
456 Long Street Wednesday 5 Y
Central Square Monday 7 N
Flora Park Thursday 5 N
50 Long Street Friday 3 Y


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