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Answered: - Question: Hello ! I have a question- Case: Applying for a job as


Hello !?

I have a question- Case: ?Applying for a job as an Analyst- The interviewer asked me to write a letter (one page) and answer to the question:?

- Interest level of opportunities

- Why do you want to work in Finance?

- ?What are you goals and objectives?

I think he asked me more for a motivation letter?

I want to be a financial planning and analysis and progressing in my job.?

I have attached a resume- the question is based on this resume.

Thank you !?



Financial Analyst/Consulting/Marketing


Motivated and energetic individual with extensive international experience. Works effectively in team settings and willing to travel. Bilingual in English and French.




Certificate in Financial Planning and Analysis


September 2015-Present


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in International Business (B.S.B.A)



May 2014



The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.


G.P.A.: 3.57


Honors: Member of Pi Gamma Mu, the leading honor society which encourages excellence in the social sciences and business. (Students become eligible to join when


they have a grade average of ?B? or better.)


Relevant Coursework: International Marketing, Leadership class.


Associate degree in Management,



June 2009



School of Management, Esarc-Cefire, Toulouse, France



Thesis project: Market analytics for higher profitability in the electronics division.


Emphasis on market research on consumer-behaviour.




Junior Analyst, (Hedge funds), New-York, NY


July 2014 ? July 2015


? Focused on Technology; Media and Telecom; Consumer Retail; Utilities; Healthcare; Financials; Energy sectors


? Strategy comprised of long/short market directional, long/short market neutral, distressed and market opportunities


? Construct financial models: detailed revenue/cost builds; downside case modeling (e.g. Cyclical cases, customer losses, raw material spikes, etc.)


? Analyzed cash flows of sub-investment grade companies and modeled operating and financing sensitives


? Track and review gross and net sales including gross margins in producing forecasts and trend analysis an on-going basis


? Review financial statements and analyze sales revenues, costs, expenses, and tax rates for all business units of leading process automation company


? Provide financial support and analysis to Operations and Marketing areas for strategic business decisions and cost savings initiatives


? Assisted with financial analysis, forecasting, and risk assessment of companies


? Support and collaborated with Senior Financial Analyst in executing buy-sell process


? Update portfolio managers on company earnings and discuss new independently in the absence of the primary analyst


? Attend industry conferences and meet with sell-side analysts to discuss industry and company fundamentals


International Research Analyst,


? Expanded an existing team to conduct marketing research on the 2,000 biggest companies in Europe.


? Updated policies and procedures for the team.


? Developed new research methodologies to increase efficiency.


? Finished project within budget and 20% above target.



September 2013 - December2013



Event Manager,


November 2010- March 2013


? Developed effective relationships with clients to ascertain their precise event requirements and produced detailed proposals for events (e.g. timelines, legal obligations




? Identified and secured speakers and special guests; planned entertainment programs, workshops and demonstrations of products


? Coordinated suppliers; anticipated and proactively managed issues to ensure seamless events


Assistant Manager, France.


September 2008 - March 2009


(As a French multinational retailer, it is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world)


Strategic Analysis/Business Development:


? Produced and presented a strategic plan to the executive team to counter the marketing and product innovation challenges facing the electronics department. The plan


was approved and implemented, resulting in increasing sales and higher consumer satisfaction


? Developed a market survey to identify consumer requirements and satisfaction drivers


? Hired, trained, and managed sales and product employees


? Created efficiencies by performing process analysis and delegating responsibilities. Improvements generated new users


? Analyzed pricing and recommended new price points to the executive team. The recommendations were approved and implemented, resulting in increased profit




Computer: Windows XP, 98, 2000, Vista, Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.


Languages: French (native language), English (fluent).




? Vice- President of The French Club, Catholic University of America



January 2012- to January 2013




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