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Answered: - Find a specific vision statement for an organization. Comment on

  1. Find a specific vision statement for an organization. Comment on its quality?support your opinion.
  2. Find a specific mission statement for an organization. Comment on its quality?support your opinion.
  3. Find a specific value statement for an organization. Comment on its quality?support your opinion.
  4. Find?at?least?one?specific?goal?statement?for?an?organization.?Comment?on?its?quality?support?your?opinion.
  5. For one of the goal statements described above in Steps 1-4, define your own related SMART objective for it. Identify each of the five components in your definition.
  6. For this objective, describe at least two critical success factors that might be associated with it. Why do you think these are important?
  7. For each of the CSFs, define at least two key performance indicators.
  8. Using?Excel,?construct?a?prototype?dashboard?displaying?some?simulated?(made-up)?results?for?the?KPIs.?You?may?use?charts,?tables,?and?so?forth,?to?illustrate?your?results

If possible use the same organization in Steps 1-4 and provide the URL either way.

V4.1.1 Assignments


This is a second video in the week four ILab. And in it we?re going to describe what


your assignments are going to be. What we?ve done here is broken it down in ?


similar to the original diagram we showed you earlier ? into a strategy section and a


tactical section.


For the strategy section we want you to do the following. We want you to find a


specific vision statement for an organization on the web and comment on its quality


and support your opinion, and make note and provide the URL. Do the same for a


mission statement for an organization, a value statement for an organization and a


specific goal for an organization.


Try to find, if at all possible, a single organization with all four of the above. That


might be difficult; it?s not a requirement, but it will make things a little easier when


you start making links later on.


Post your information on the KPI thread of discussion in the form of a word document


attachment, and be sure that the companies that you selected up here have not been


done by another student or you?re going to receive limited credit for it.


And then go and find another student?s post, doing the same kind of activity, and


comment on their comments about their vision, mission, value and goal statements


and whether you agree or disagree with their comments and provide support for that


as well.


So that?s the strategy section. The tactical section is focused on that second-half of the


diagram. Take one of the goal statements that you?ve selected or found in the above


strategy section and define your own related SMART objective for it. And SMART


was defined earlier in the last video. Identify each of the five components in your


definition as well for the S-M-A-R-T.


Then take this objective and find or ? take this objective ? the SMART objective and


develop two critical success factors that you think might be associated with it for an


organization and be sure and describe why you think these two critical success factors


are in fact important.


Then for each success factor, define at least two key performance indicators. So


you?re going to wind up with at least four key performance indicators.



Go to Excel and construct a prototype dashboard displaying some simulated ? and


that?s basically made-up results for each of your KPI?s that you?ve selected or defined


above here. You can use a chart, tables, anything that you want to illustrate your




And then on a separate worksheet in this workbook be sure and include the


descriptions of your goal statements, your objectives, your critical success factors and


the KPI definitions you included in the previous steps. And interpret the results. What


do you think that this dashboard is showing the people that would be using this?


Here?s some resources that are available to you. Your best friend here could very well


be Google. You can Google ?business dashboard examples? and you can also Google


?Excel 2010 dashboard examples? and you?re going to find a wealth of citations in


there that you can use.


There are three at the very least that you should take a look at. The first is this one; it?s


an organization ? a guy that basically provides a wealth of information regarding


Excel dashboards. He tells you ? he goes through some tutorials, talks again about


what dashboards are, how to make it ? and he walks you step by step through ? in


terms of making this particular dashboard ? you don?t have to use everything he does


here but it would be a good go-by and you can substitute your own information and


your own charts and tables and other items you might want to include.


The second one is ? that?s also excellent as well ? you should be taking a look at ? is


this one, and it?s called ?Dashboard Spy.? And it?s got an incredible amount of sample


dashboards on here. You can browse it, there?s additional information; spend some


time in here and don?t ignore this one.


And then finally there?s one that?s really interesting from a perspective of interaction.


It?s called ?The BI Visualization Gallery? and it?s got a number of different dashboards


here. You can click on one ? say, for example ? and most of these are interactive. So


this is a dashboard of students by area of study that?s put up there, and the neat thing


about it, not only does it show you how a dashboard might look for this area but it


shows you that you can in fact ? when you click on different areas of study as


selection it ? the dashboard actually interacts and rebuilds the chart, which is a sign of


an excellent dashboard where there?s an interactive component to it.


So these are four ? actually these are five things that you should do before you start


developing your own Excel-based dashboard.




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