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(Answered)-Week 6 Assignment 2: Part B: Your Marketing Plan (240 pts) Top of

Week 6 Assignment 2: Part B: Your Marketing Plan (240 pts)

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Week 6 Assignment 2 - Submit Here

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Assignment 2: Part B: Your Marketing Plan

Due Week 6 and worth 240 points

In Assignment 2, using the same company from Assignment 1, you will focus on the company?s mission, introduction, and branding.

Note: You may create and /or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:

Develop a branding strategy for your product that covers the brand name, logo, slogan, and at least one (1) brand extension.

Assemble a marketing strategy for your product, and determine an appropriate time table to implement your plan). Provide a rationale for your response.

Prepare a positioning statement. Include a perceptual map that shows your company's position against its competitors. From this map, create a statement that depicts your position. For example, ?Our product is the fastest in its class for half the price.? Note: See pp. 54 - 55 in the textbook for examples of perceptual maps. You may use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or other equivalent software to create your perceptual map.

Examine the relevant consumer behavior for your target market. Explain the main reasons why the brand name, logo, slogan, brand extension, as well as the positioning statement and marketing strategy are right for the identified target market.

Develop your company's mission statement and company introduction.

Use at least three (3) academic resources as quantitative marketing research to determine the feasibility of your product / service. These resources should be industry specific and relate to your chosen product / service. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student?s name, the professor?s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Analyze the marketing framework including the concepts of the 5Cs, STP, and 4Ps.

Examine the marketing science of customer behavior and products in the marketing exchange process and create dynamic strategies for competing.

Evaluate the basis for market segmentation and approaches to segmentation.

Evaluate target customer segments and positioning products within these segments.

Examine the marketing science of customer behavior and products in the marketing exchange process and create dynamic strategies for competing.

Develop branding strategies for existing and new products.

Use technology and information resources to research issues in marketing management.

Write clearly and concisely about marketing management using proper writing mechanics.

Running Heading: El?s Hell fire Kitchen Elizabeth Maidment














Student: Elizabeth Maidment


Professor: Dr. Karen Mountain


Course: Marketing Management (MKT 500)


Date: Saturday, July 19, 2014


Branding Strategy- Name, Logo, Slogan and Product Extension


EL?s Hell Fire Kitchen is a local, family owned restaurant. We are located in


Murfreesboro, TN. We only serve items on our menu that are hot and spicy! We cater to college


students, foodies and chili heads. If you are looking for something different for lunch, dinner or


that after hour?s meal, this is the place to go. We have extended hours on the weekends to cater to


those individuals who have had an evening of fun and frivolity and need to have some food that


will get them focused! We have several different contests to help anyone who isn?t quite sure



El?s Hell fire Kitchen Elizabeth Maidment






they can handle the spice. We also have a tasting bar for all of our different levels of heat. This


will allow the customer to get a good idea of what they are getting themselves into. There is one


exception; our ?Atomic Bomb? spice is not on the tasting bar. In fact, you have to sign a waiver


to be able to taste this spice! We do not recommend that anyone who has heart problems,


pregnant or has digestive problems to attempt to taste this spice. Even if you are fully capable to


enjoy this spice, know that you do so at your own risk! Remember our slogan is ?Come beat the


heat!? Here is our logo:



EL?s Hell Fire Kitchen is in the franchising business. Our product extension plan is to


expand several different restaurants into different towns and states. We are currently working on


a store in the area of Knoxville, TN near the University of Tennessee campus. We are open to


other franchise locations. Come visit us on the web at We have


information on how you can be the next franchisee!


Brand Strategy


EL?s Hell Fire Kitchen uses a secret combination of spices to get your palate watering.


We do things a little different from our competition! First, we never freeze anything. Everything



El?s Hell fire Kitchen Elizabeth Maidment






that you put in your face is fresh. This includes our spices! We roast and dry our spices ourselves.


This gives us the ability to decide how hot we are going to make our vittles. Second, we are


dedicated to only having items on the menu with spice. You may go to a restaurant that has one


or two hot dishes on their menu, but when you come to our kitchen everything on the menu is


spicy! This includes drink items as well. You can have our Mexican hot chocolate or our


habanero chocolate shake. We also have desserts that have a kick. From our jalapeno cheesecake


to our chocolate dipped ghost peppers.


Develop a Marketing Strategy with Execution Timeframes


EL?s Hell Fire Kitchen will develop a marketing strategy around our target market


segment; males and females from 20 ? 24 years old. They are Middle Tennessee State University


students. Their attitude towards our product is a challenge!




EL?s Hell Fire Kitchen will start our marketing strategy July 25, 2014. That is


approximately one month before the Fall Semester for Middle Tennessee State University. This


will help us establish our brand to our customers and create brand awareness:





We will partner with Middle Tennessee State University to include our marketing


material in the student orientation guides that are sent to the students one month before


the fall semester begins. This material will contain a menu with a ?first time? coupon


attached that will expire on September 25th, our website information and directions to






our location.


These same pamphlets will be placed in student centers on the campus starting on August


25th when the semester begins. These areas will include the cafeteria, dorms and at the


student center. We will partner with the student newspaper to print these coupons for the


first edition that will be delivered on August 30th.



El?s Hell fire Kitchen Elizabeth Maidment









We will use our Social Media: Facebook, YouTube, Pintrest, Twitter and to promote our location. On our website we will have a calendar






with upcoming events for August and September that will be published on August 1st.


We will promote our first contest that we will be running for the year. To do this, we will


partner with the campus radio and television stations. We will conduct an interview at our


location and challenge the host or reporter to try our heat levels live on air on August


31st! Once we have sufficiently burned the host/reporter we will initiate a challenge to


the students that are viewing/listening to the ?Come beat the heat contest? on September





Additional promotions within the next 6 months:





After the ?Come beat the heat contest? on September 5th. We will put up our ?Wall of


Flame? for the year. The first winner will get an honorary spot with their picture and






name framed. The next contest will be on October 31st.


We will partner with the local television station and newspaper to do a story on the


?Come beat the heat contest? and use this as advertising for our next contest. We will


continue to partner with the university?s television and newspaper to promote the next






contest on October 31st.


We will enlarge our market segment by taking our literature to local high schools and


bars in the area. We will theme the contest as the ?Ghost Pepper? contest since this will






be on Halloween October 31st. We will also offer a prize for the best ?spicy costume.?


We will be having our third contest right before the winter break on December 12th. By


the time we have this contest, we should have a loyal following of students and bar




Positioning Statement



El?s Hell fire Kitchen Elizabeth Maidment






There are several restaurants in our area (approximately 450). You can have Greek food,


southern soul food, Italian food, Mexican food, French cuisine and even Ethiopian food in


Murfreesboro, TN. But there is only one restaurant where you will find a way to heighten your


palate and ignite your feast; EL?s Hell Fire Kitchen! We are the only restaurant that has a spice in


every item on our menu. Other restaurants can offer you one or two menu items that have some


spice. Even with those selections, they do not offer the volcano of flavor that you will experience


on our menu. We simply ask, ?Can you beat the heat?? We have several contests throughout the


year. Will you be on our ?Wall of Flame? or on our ?Wall of Shame??



Perceptual Map



? Low Quality


? High Spice



? High Quality High






Buffalo Wild


Wings, Wing





Els Hell Fire





Slick Pig






? Low Quality LowBBQ



3 Brothers


Brew house






? High Quality Low





El?s Hell fire Kitchen Elizabeth Maidment






Examine the relevant consumer behavior for your target market. Explain the main reasons


why the brand name, logo, slogan, brand extension, as well as the positioning statement


and marketing strategy are right for the identified target market


?Increasing guest satisfaction can lead to increased guest loyalty, which ultimately leads


to increased revenues and profitability? [Par10] In other words, if your guest enjoys their


experience they will come back to your establishment. Customer can be picky and fickle. What


works for one customer may not work for another customer. Understanding your customer?s


behavior will help you get those customers back in the door. Not everyone wants to eat at


Applebee?s restaurant. We have chosen our brand strategy to fit into those customers that are


looking for something different, something more for dinner.


There are several different things that a customer will rate their experience on. There are


hard targets and soft targets. ?Hard standards can be counted, timed or observed. Soft standards


are opinion based, so we could use the standard of ?was your server friendly and polite??


[PNe14] These hard targets are things like; how long it took to get seated at a table, was the food


cooked properly, was the bill correct and was the restaurant clean. Soft targets are things like was


the server polite, did the manager handle your issue properly and was the menu diversified.


Knowing what your customers want will help get them back in the door. But being able to


pinpoint everything a customer wants is impossible. That?s why the strategy of a restaurant needs


to be to cater to a mass market instead of the individual. This is where soft targets come into play


and are most effective. You may have a menu for the masses, but the server or manager gives you


a unique experience. However there is more to creating a desirable restaurant than just having a


smoothly run operation. An atmosphere that the target market wants to participate in is needed


for repeat business.



El?s Hell fire Kitchen Elizabeth Maidment



Our customers are the fun loving, experience seekers of the college campuses. By


building interactive contests our guests will challenge each other as well as spread the word to


other heat seeking customers. The promotions will make our food affordable, and the late night


atmosphere will fit in with their night life. Our name ?EL?s Hell Fire Kitchen? and our ?Come


Beat the Heat? challenges spark a sense of throwing caution to the wind. It is this type of


participatory experience that college students seek. Expanding to other college campuses will


allow for challenges between colleges, upping the fun ante.



Company?s Mission Statement and Introduction


Mission Statement:


Our mission is to create a unique dining experience for our customers by igniting their


senses with spice in an exciting atmosphere charged with heat.


Company Introduction:


Welcome to EL?s Hell Fire Kitchen! We are a family owned and operated restaurant


located at 536 N Thompson Lane in beautiful Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We specialize in


extremely hot and spicy food to melt your face. All of our menu items are fresh, never frozen


and carry a unique heat. We have bi-monthly contests to test the degree of endurance of our


patrons. If you come ?Beat the Heat,? you can be immortalized on our ?Wall of Flame.? But be


weary, if you do not complete the competition you will end up on our ?Wall of Shame.? Our


hours of operation are 10 am - 2 am Sunday through Thursday and 10 am - 4 am Friday and


Saturday. ?Come Beat the Heat!?






El?s Hell fire Kitchen Elizabeth Maidment









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