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(Answered)-I need help on my world literature review. I attatched a file.

I need help on my world literature review. I attatched a file.?

Unit 3 Test Review ? Final Exam



World Lit.?Final Exam Review: Unit 5


***There is a Unit 3 Review Discussion Board for you to help each other out.


1. Review all 30 terms from the syllabus.



2. Review the following information about the background (Modernity and Modernism (10031014); Postwar and Postcolonial Literature (p. 1435-1439); and Contemporary World Literature


(p. 1611-1618)):



A. What is modernism?


B. Who was Auguste Comte? He was the founder of what?


C. Who was Karl Marx? What did he write?


D. Who was Friedrich Nietzsche? What was his famous quote? What is an




E. Who was the founder of psychoanalysis?


F. What did Carl Jung believe?


G. What is existentialism?


H. What is ?post-modernism??



Review the following information from the selections you had to read:



1. ?The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock?



A. Who is the author? When was he born? Where was he born?


I. What college did he attend?



J. Where did he move in 1915?


K. What was his first major poem?


L. Which poem is considered to be his masterpiece? (Hint: it is not this poem.)


M. What prize did he win in 1948?


N. What was the goal of ?imagism??


O. When did he become a member of the Anglican Church?


P. Which play did he write that centers around the death of English St. Thomas a?




Q. In the poem, carefully read the epigraph at the beginning. How does this tie into


what the poet is trying to say?


R. To what does the speaker compare the evening?


S. To what does he compare the streets?


T. For what ?will there be time??


U. In lines 73 and 74, what does Prufrock say he should have been?


V. In lines 110-120, how does he describe himself?


W. In lines 126-128, whom does he say he has seen?


X. What has he measured out his life with?


Y. What is the allusion in line 82?


Z. Who do the women who ?come and go? talk of?


AA. What does it mean to be ?etherised upon a table?? Why does he begin the poem in


this way?


AB. Who is the ?you and I? in the first line?


AC. What does Prufrock say that he has heard singing at the end of the poem?



Albert Camus??The Guest?






On what day was Camus born? Where was he born?



2. What type of jobs did he have?


3. Be familiar with his novels?which novel was the most famous?


4. What ?party? did he once join?


5. What is existentialism?


6. What prize did Camus win?


7. What happened on January 4, 1960?


8. THE STORY?Where was Daru from?


9. What is hidden in Daru?s drawer?


10. What is Daru?s profession?


11. What does the term ?gendarme? mean?


12. What is the gendarme?s name?


13. What kind of weapon did the prisoner use on his victim? Who was his victim?


14. Where is Balducci taking the Arab?


15. What is the job Daru is given?


16. What were the words written on the chalkboard at the end?


17. What does the word ?cheche? mean?


18. The schoolmaster pointed the Arab to the east towards Tinguit with a package. What did


the schoolmaster say he would find?


19. Does the Arab run away?


20. Where is Balducci headed?


21. How much money did Daru hand the Arab?


22. Who freed the Arab?s hands and gave him a glass of tea?



23. How did Daru generally sleep?


24. In the beginning, what were the four rivers in France that were on the chalkboard in four


different colored chalks?


25. Who did the prisoner kill and why?


26. How does Daru help his students?


27. What is the dilemma that causes the two men to make a slow progress to the





Leslie Marmon Silko??Yellow Woman?






What day was she born? Where was she born?



2. What tribe did Silko belong to?


3. In her writing, she alternates between which two styles?


4. What is her ?masterwork?


5. ?Yellow Woman? is a part of which story collection?


6. What is her primary concern as an artist?


7. THE STORY?What color was the blanket that the ?Yellow Woman? and her lover were


lying on?


8. What type of carcass was hanging from the pine tree?


9. What does Silva do for a living?


10. What kind of gun does Silva have?


11. What is YW?s husband?s name?


12. What does Silva say that he is?


13. Who told the YW stories?


14. What did Coyote do to Badger?



15. What is a kachina?


16. Who lives in the Marquez?


17. What was the last thing that Silva did before they started down the steep trail?


18. What language could Silva speak?


19. What type of horse was the white man riding?


20. Why does Silva want to go to Marquez?


21. What does YW do after Silva tells her to leave?


22. How many gun shots did YW hear?


23. YW accuses Silva of being from which tribe?


--Review the handout on Cisneros and The House on Mango Street




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