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(Answered)-APA 6th Edition Corrected Quick-View Sample Pages Running head

I have only few hours left to submit this assignment. One of the other tutors gave me copy and paste work and I have wasted the money, time and day. The paper was not acceptable due to lack of copy and paste work, however, I am requesting if any tutor out there who is a professorial writer, please help me. I need this ASAP.?

Essay- Research Paper on DNA Analysis



Process of Analyzing DNA?

Technology Law enforcement uses for DNA Analysis

Production of Analyzing DNA

(Define each of the following, why Law Enforcement uses and how it works? Gel Electrophoresis, Restriction Digestion, the breakdown of restriction Digests, Sequencing)?

How do Law Enforcement Analysis DNA?


Need to be a?Undergrad Level Paper.

Please use?Academic Resources only.

Need to be in Your Own Words?

APA style format and references included inside the paper and please include a separate page for APA style references.?

Needs to be 7 to 8 Pages-?Single Space only

I have attached a sample of APA format just in Case.?

APA 6th Edition Corrected Quick-View Sample Pages



Running head is flush left in


the header of every page. It


is shortened title of max 50


characters, all capitalized.



1 inch margins on


all sides, all pages.



Text should be double-spaced.


Single spacing can only be used


as needed in tables or figures.



Keep the author?s


name uniform in


all publications.



Title is concise in


12 words or less.



Affiliation at time of study



Indent paragraphs and


block quotations ? inch.



Font should be 12-pt


Times New Roman.



Page numbers flush


right in the header.



Title information stays in


the top half of the page.



Do not justify text


in the right margin.



Note: The prefix ?Running head:? before the


shortened title is only used on the title page.


No indent



Abstract heading is not bold;


it is centered at top of page 2.



Author?s Note is only


used for publication.


The Abstract is typically between 150-250 words,


depending upon the paper requirements. It should be


an accurate, concise, objective, and specific summary


of the whole paper without evaluation or opinion.



APA 6th Edition Corrected Quick-View Sample Pages


For 40 or more words


use a block quotation.


The title of the paper is repeated


for the introduction. It should be


Centered & Uppercase (no bold).






1 citation option: put all items (Author,


Year, Page #) at the end of the sentence.



Level 1 Headings are Centered,


Bold, and in an Uppercase font.



Level 2 Headings are flush left,


Bold, and in an Uppercase font.






Paraphrases and references should include


full citation (with page number if possible).


Papers usually have only 1 space


after punctuation at the end of a


sentence, but 2 spaces may be


preferred for drafts sent to an


editor for publication.



Center References


heading at top of


page; it is not bold.



2 citation option: put Author + (Year)


in the text and the (Page #) at the end.



Lists can be bulleted,


numbered, or lettered.


See 3.04 for specifics.



References are all double


spaced with hanging indent.


Reference online articles using


their DOI numbers. Verify each


of them at



If no DOI exists for an article,


give the journal?s homepage.


The database name or date


accessed is not referenced.



Author Name is provided for each


source even if multiple sources by


the same Author are listed.



Use the ampersand ?&? symbol for multiple


authors listed in references and citations.



List references alphabetically


by Author?s Last Name, First


Initial, and Year of Publication.



If different Authors have the same


Last Name and First Initial, provide


their First Names in brackets. E.g.,


Smith, J. [John] and Smith, J. [Jane].




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