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(Answered)-How to find the DHCP Client addresses assigned to backtrack and

How to find the DHCP Client addresses assigned to backtrack and DVL machine by the router (server) in the following case?

CS 6823 ? Network Security ? Covert Communications



Covert Communications




The purpose of this lab is to gain an understanding of creating a covert channel


between two virtual machines in VLAB. A covert channel, sometimes called a stealth


channel, is a communication channel that uses a computer?s protocols, or hardware to


affect unsanctioned communications that is difficult to detect. For this lab you will be


using fields in the IP, TCP, UDP protocol to send messages between two VMs. The


VMS you will be using are DVL and BT5 both of which have Python/SCAPY


installed. They both also have wireshark installed



BT5 and DVL get their IP addresses from the DHCP server on RTR. On my


configuration the IP addresses for BT5, DVL and RTR re s follows:,, Boot RTR, and then boot BT5 and DVL. Record the


address for each of the machines. For this experiment you will create a covert channel


between DVL and BT5.


1. Assumptions


Although it is possible for DVL and BT5 to communicate without using their respective


IP addresses (using other addresses) you may assume that DVL and BT5 communicate


directly using their respective IP addresses.


You may assume that communication between DVL and BT5 is perfect. i.e. no dropped


IP packets.


Choose one of the VMs to be the server, the other the client where the server sends a


covert message to the client. The server will make use of the send() function of SCAPY to


send the crafted IP packet. The client will make use of the sniff() to listen for the covert




You may assume there is other traffic on the network between DVL and BT5 so you have


to parse out the correct IP packet for the covert channel.


Do NOT use socket programming!!!! This method is not only no convert it is easily





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CS 6823 ? Network Security ? Covert Communications



2. Covert Communication



Build your solution in a layered approach.


1. [50 pts] Start by creating two Python/SCAPY programs; one for client, one for


server assuming the only IP traffic is between DVL and BT5 is yours.


2. [25 pts] Send a string from the server to the client and have the client print out the


string that was sent.


3. [25 pts] Add code for selecting the correct IP packet from the overall background


traffic. Show that this works.


4. [Extra 50 pts] Add start commands that the client can send to the server to initiate


communications and a finish command that the server can send to the client to


indicate the string has been sent.


5. [Extra 25 pts] modify your programs so that your encoding of your message is not


easily determined by wireshark. You may use any Python or SCAPY function.


There is no right or wrong answer. Only righter or wronger answers. If you open wireshark and


the screen is filled with red flags on the fields you used that it a wronger answer. Think about why


you selected a certain field and think about how an administrator would detect you covert





What to Submit:


1. For each question, 1, 3, 4 and 5 provide the source code for the server and client.


2. Provide a written description of what your programs do and why you chose the


fields you used for covert communications.


3. Include screen shots of the constructed packet that?s generated. Provide


description and explanation of what?s required to complete each question


Put your name and ID at the top of each file you submit!!!



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